Porter's Defeats Ethel Walker's

Albeit chilly, the sun warmed the courts enough for a fun match against Ethel Walker. Each match was competitive and congenial, and the challenge for the Porter's players was rewarding. 

Playing #1 singles, Sarah Wagner '20 played consistently but with strength against her opponent, whose winners were beautiful and who pushed Wagner '20 to earn every point. It was a great match for spectators. 

Co-captains Roanna Zou '19 (#2) and Audrey Palmeri '18 (#3) both had to adjust to the particular challenges their opponents posed, and once they did, they each surpassed their opponent to win their match. 

Marjorie Plants '21 (#4) and Nitya Shah '20 (#6) both played smart tennis that tested their endurance. 

In doubles, #1 Palmeri '18 and Wagner '20 took some time to figure out the best strategy in the first few games, but when they did, they played smart and strong and took the match. #2 Anna Wight '18 and Sofia Gonzales '18 went on the court energized and focused, and they didn't give their opponents much of a chance to catch up. 

Porter's looks forward to warmer weather for their next home match on Saturday against NMH. 

1. Sarah Wagner defeated Lara Schworer 8-4
2. Roanna Zou defeated Dani Ramirez 8-5
3. Audrey Palmeri defeated Marion Carr 8-4
4. Marjorie Plants defeated Addie Friedlander 8-3
5. Meena Gupta lost to Tracy Chen (default)
6. Nitya Shah defeated Sisi Feng 8-2

1. Audrey Palmeri/Sarah Wagner defeated Lara Schworer/Dani Ramirez 8-5
2. Anna Wight/Sofia Gonzalez defeated Addie Friedlander/Rachel Crampton 8-4
3. Nitya Shah/Jenn Hehn lost to Marion Carr/Sisi Feng 6-8