Porter's continues their perfect season at home again Taft

The Taft school came to Kiki's field on October 13.  Freshman Arden Phoenix started the action out early, scoring two goals over the span of a minute in the 13th minute of the first half.  Sophomore Meg Keating scored late in the first half after an assist by Olivia Bendich. Taft put in a goal after a chaotic scrum in front of the net. The first half ended with Porter's up 3-1.

Senior Captain Lizzy McGrady scored in the 55th minute after the keeper mishandled a shot by Freshman Marjorie Plants.  Arden Phoenix finished her hat trick, scoring late in the second half, to put the game away 5-1.

The Porter's team put together some great offensive combination plays (the shake-a-doos were in full effect) and put consistent pressure on the Taft defense. The mid-field showed great discipline, hanging back to be ready for defense.  Junior Sarah Zukowski played an aggressive game on the back line.  

Next game: Saturday the 14th at Kent School.