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At Miss Porter's School, the Afternoon Program is essential to our mission. It invokes the spirit and enhances the educational environment within which Miss Porter's School prepares its students to become architects of their own experience.

The flexibility inherent in the program and the athletic requirement provide students with both the opportunity to deeply invest in activities and interscholastic sports that interest them and the chance to explore activities they have not been exposed to previously. We encourage you to review the full list of offerings available in the 2014-2015 school year.

It is our hope that the expansion of the Afternoon Program will support the school's educational philosophy while empowering our students to more fully explore their talents, passions, and budding interests.

Requirements: All students must participate in the afternoon program all three seasons; fall, winter, and spring. New Girls must participate in one Porter’s Afternoon Program “team" offering at some point in their first year. All students must participate in three "team" offerings before the start of their senior year.

Independent Activity/Special Project: An independent activity exempts a student from participation in one of the activity offerings for a season. An independent may be granted to a student in good academic, disciplinary (including attendance) standing who meets certain criteria.

Afternoon Program Offerings

Interscholastic Teams Fall Winter Spring
Badminton Basketball Crew
Crew Equestrian Golf
Cross Country Skiing Lacrosse
Equestrian Squash Softball
Field Hockey Swimming and Diving Tennis
Soccer Track and Field
Volleyball Ultimate
Team Credit Offerings Dance Workshop Dance Workshop Dance Workshop
Theater Theater Theater
Theater Tech Theater Tech Theater Tech
Team Manager Team Manager Team Manager
Robotics Science Olympiad  

Activities Fall Winter Spring
Dance Dance Basketball
Music Enrichment Serious Fitness Dance
Serious Fitness Winter Running Equestrian
Squash Yoga Serious Fitness
Swimming Art Enrichment Squash
Tennis Community Service Swimming
Outdoor Program Independent Yoga
Art Enrichment Equestrian Art Enrichment
Community Service   Community Service
Driver's Ed.   Independent
Independent   Music Enrichment

Internships Athletic Training Athletic Training Athletic Training
Video Coordinator Video Coordinator Video Coordinator
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