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Statement on Equity and Inclusion

At Miss Porter’s School, the world is welcomed and invited in. We value diverse perspectives and individual voices. Our academic, extra-curricular, residential and professional programs foster the productive exchange of ideas and encourage personal growth. As we learn about ourselves and each other, we strengthen our community of students and their families, faculty, staff, administrators, Ancients and trustees.

Equity and Inclusion

One of the greatest elements of a Porter’s education is that our students are encouraged to appreciate uniqueness in themselves and in others. Our commitment to learning extends well beyond the pages of the books that we read or the problems that we solve. It includes equally a commitment to learning about ourselves and the others with whom we live and learn. The many voices that make up our conversations inside and outside of the classroom offer daily exposure to global perspectives in a way that mere textbooks and lesson plans cannot.  

At Porter's, diversity encompasses a spectrum of racial and ethnic ancestry, culture, socioeconomics, religion, primary language, sexual orientation, country of origin, interests, talents, and abilities. A diverse and inclusive community strengthens our school and all who are part of it (students, faculty, staff, administrators, and board of trustees).

By sharing what they bring to this community and learning from others whose gifts to the community are different from their own, our students are esteemed and enriched. As our students are empowered to be their true selves, they learn to discover the bonds they share in common with others rather than their differences. This ability will strengthen their experience at Porter’s and in their travels henceforth.

Dr. Kate Windsor         Susan Martell
Head of School            Director of Equity and Inclusion

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For more information on diversity at Miss Porter's School, contact Susan Martell, Director of Equity and Inclusion
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