"The NAIS SDLC taught me to embrace my own identity, be proud of my identifiers and to be a better ally, alliance leader and support system on campus."
-Katia Portela

The local SDLC was a very empowering experience as I was able to hear stories from other people of color and minority groups.
-Mayra Bokhari

Community Programming

Visiting Speakers Series

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  • Confronting Ourselves, Cultivating Community (2017-2018)

    In her book Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope, author bell hooks writes “too often we think of community in terms of being with folks like ourselves: the same class, same race, same ethnicity, same social standing and the like. I think we need to be wary: we need to work against the danger of evoking something that we don’t challenge ourselves to actually practice.” So how do we practice community? It starts with an inward reflection of the self -- something that requires us to look at our multiple identities and ask the questions, “Who am I?” and “How do I navigate the world I live in?” Understanding that our lived experiences are products of the identities we hold, whether visible or invisible, allows us to see the complexities in the people around us. This task is not easy, and it comes with many mistakes and difficult truths from which we have an obligation to grow. As Leo Tolstoy says “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” This year's invited speakers will open up a conversation about the responsibility we each have in confronting ourselves in order to cultivate a community in which we work together, hold one another accountable, and honor one another.
  • Challenging Assumptions (2016-2017)

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  • Building Bridges (2015-2016)

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  • Learning Pains: Honoring Our Truths, Unveiling Our Mosaic (2014-2015)

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  • Journeys Around the World: Stories of Resilience (2013-2014)

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  • Journey Talks

    At Miss Porter’s School, the student and faculty voice is valued. The Journey Talks program expands on the school’s Visiting Speakers Series theme by providing a monthly opportunity for members of the community to share a snapshot of their life’s journey. Journey Talks typically run for approximately 10 minutes and occur at pre-designated Morning Meetings.


Miss Porter’s School is a member of SPHERE, a consortium of 11 independent schools from the greater Hartford area. The mission of SPHERE is to encourage and assist member schools as they collaborate in sustaining diverse, inclusive and culturally responsive environments for teaching and learning. Member schools seek to foster respect for difference and an understanding of multicultural perspectives in curricular and extracurricular programs.

Conference Opportunities

Faculty and Staff
NAIS People of Color Conference
White Privilege Conference
NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute
Nation Diversity Practitioners Conference
KO Leadership Institute for Educators of Color

NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference
CAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference
SPHERE Student of Color Summit
Black Girl Movement Conference
Asian American Footsteps Conference
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