Miss Porter’s School provides young women with a rigorous and excellent liberal arts education. Our community commits to mutual respect and high standards of achievement. Our curriculum challenges students to think and work collaboratively and creatively, make connections among disciplines, and apply knowledge to increasingly complex problems. Our students think critically and analytically, communicate authentically, and develop the strategies necessary to become competent, confident, and compassionate leaders in a global environment. Miss Porter’s School empowers young women to become the architects of their own experience.

Academic FAQ

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the Student Honor Code?

    Trust and integrity are important parts of a boarding school community, and intellectual honesty is essential. At the start of each academic year, each student at Porter's reflects on the Student Honor Code with her advisor before she signs it to renew her commitment to the code and spirit of its content. It is expected that this commitment will live in the manner in which a student approaches her assessments, produces her papers, engages in discussion with adults and other students, cooperates as a resident in the dormitory, competes on the athletic field, and conducts herself on or off-campus as a representative of Miss Porter's School.
  • Q. What is the grading system at Porter's?

    A. Letter grades are given in all courses. The numerical equivalents are as follows: 

    A+ 97–100
    A 93–96
    A- 90–92
    B+ 87–89
    B 83–86
    B- 80–82
    C+ 77–79
    C 73–76
    C- 70–72
    D+ 67–69
    D 63–66
    D- 60–62
    E below 60

    The lowest passing mark is D-. 

    A weighted cumulative GPA is calculated on a four-point scale for inclusion with transcripts sent to colleges. Grades earned in AP courses are adjusted with an additional 0.5 points. The GPA includes only those grades earned at Porter's.
  • Q. Does Porter's award honor rolls and academic prizes?

    A. Miss Porter's School determines Honor Rolls at the end of each semester. All full- and half-unit graded courses are included in computing the Honor Rolls. 

        High Honor Roll    
        A- average or above (minimum 3.67 GPA)     
        with no grade below B     

        Honor Roll
        B+ average or above (minimum 3.33 GPA)
        with no grade below B-

    Each school year begins with an Opening Convocation during which returning students are honored for academic achievement, service, and leadership in the previous year. 

    In the spring before Commencement, Porter's holds an Awards Ceremony during which seniors are honored for excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. 

    Cum Laude Society: Founded in 1906, the Cum Laude Society is dedicated to honoring the highest scholastic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence (Areté), justice (Diké), and honor (Timé). According to criteria published by the Society, membership is to be extended to students with an excellent academic record who have also demonstrated good character, honor, and integrity in all aspects of their school life. No more than 20% of each graduating class is eligible. Half may be selected at the end of the junior year, and the remaining students will be chosen at the end of the senior year.

    A student who has been on the High Honor Roll for two semesters during her freshman and sophomore years becomes a member of the Sarah Porter Honor Roll.
  • Q. How much homework should I expect to have?

    A. Students should expect regular homework assignments in all courses. Weekly assignments will be designed to balance the importance of practicing new skills and engaging with the material on a different level than is accomplished in the classroom with the limits imposed on students by their full daily schedules. Because our students work at different rates, at different times of the year, in different courses, the homework policy should be viewed as a guideline toward which students and their teachers will work together. The goal is to make the time parameters achievable for the majority of students most of the time. 

    Weekly assignments for a beginning-level course should take approximately two hours, for an intermediate-level course 2 hours and 40 minutes and for an advanced-level course 3 hours and 20 minutes. Homework for AP courses may take as long as four hours each week. These times are for courses that meet four days per week; assignments will be reduced accordingly for half-unit courses and short weeks.
  • Q. How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

    A. All student grades and permanent records are maintained in the Academic Office. If you are a student, parent or Ancient and wish to request an official transcript or a letter confirming a student's current status, please contact Registrar Terry Armington: (fax: 860-409-3516; tarmington@missporters.org) and include the following information:

    Name (including maiden name, if applicable)
    Year of graduation
    Telephone number 
    Address to which the document(s) should be mailed
    Specific documents or information being requested

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