Graduation Requirements
Porter's expects the following from students in order to be eligible for a Miss Porter's School diploma:
  • Completion of unit, course, and program requirements as stated below.
  • Attendance on campus during the entire senior year.
  • Attainment of passing grades in all courses during the senior year.
Unit Requirements and Course Load
Each student must take at least 4 one-unit courses each semester and at least 9 units each year. The number of units of credit awarded for each course is noted after the course title in the listings beginning on page 9. In general, ½-unit courses meet two periods a week for one semester; 1-unit courses meet four or five periods a week for one semester; and 2-unit courses meet four to six periods a week for two semesters. The standard course load is 5-6 units per semester. A student may take more than 6 units in a semester only with the permission of her advisor and the Academic Office. All schedules are subject to approval by the student’s advisor and the Academic Dean.

Course Requirements
  • Arts: 2 units
  • Computer Science: 1 unit
    • 9th or 10th-grade entry: Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in the first year, in the first year, Problem Solving through Programming in the first or second year; 11th grade entry: Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in the first year, or Problem Solving through Programming in the first year.
  • English: 4 years
  • History:
    • Foundations of Western Civilization in 9th grade
    • At least one semester area studies course in 10th grade
    • U.S. History or AP U.S. History in 11th or 12th grade
    • Some selected students may satisfy the U.S. History requirement by taking American Studies.
  • Modern and Classical Languages: Completion or demonstrated mastery of the third level of a language at Miss Porter’s School which is neither the student's native nor heritage language.
  • Mathematics: Completion of mathematics through Junior year, including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
  • Science: For students entering in the fall of 2017:
    9th-grade entry: Environmental Lab Science in 9th grade; any two of Biology, Chemistry, Physics (or AP) in 10th to 12th grade.

    10th or 11th-grade entry: 3 years of lab science, including at least two of Biology, Chemistry, Physics (or AP) during high school.
Note: Credit for requirements completed at schools attended prior to enrolling at Porter's will be determined by the Academic Office. Normally, no credit is awarded for academic work completed over the summer.

Program Requirements

    • InterMission:
      • Successful completion of the InterMission program for all years enrolled at Porter’s
    • Community Service:
      • 9th or 10th-grade entry: 20 hours; 11th or 12th-grade entry: 10 hours
    • Healthy Living:
      • All 9th graders and new 10th graders must take Healthy Living in the first year.
If a student’s particular academic interest is not included within the regular course offerings, she may develop an Independent course with the help of a faculty sponsor. In recent years, Independents have covered such diverse topics as astrophysics, banned books, choral arrangement, Italian language and culture, and graphic design.

Students at all levels are eligible to propose an Independent. Each proposal must be carefully planned with the sponsoring teacher and the student’s advisor. Available from the Academic Office Resource page, applications are due by the end of the first week of school for fall semester Independents and before the last day of the fall semester for spring semester Independents. An Independent cannot comprise the same material covered by a course already offered at Porter’s, and it may not be taken in place of a graduation requirement. A student may take no more than two Independents in a semester.


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