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InterMission is a winter term between the first and second semesters each January. The goal of InterMission is to foster the spirit of its motto—connectedness, confidence, challenge—in our community. This mission-based program is designed to inspire students to be passionate as well as curious as they learn to become informed, bold, resourceful and ethical global citizens.
InterMission teaches essential skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication within appropriate grade-level curricula. The program cultivates students’ increasing independence as thinkers and self-awareness as learners. Cross-disciplinary topics are explored experientially, while rigorous academic experiences culminate in research, analysis, reflection, presentation, and most-importantly, self-discovery. Courses are electives and culminate in an independent project thereby empowering students to become architects of their own experience.
Students complete InterMission with a strong foundation of abilities upon which they will rely in college and long after as they set out to shape a changing world.

Leadership Program

For our students to flourish, to find themselves as they find their way, they need the opportunity to try, and fail, within a community that will support their exploration regardless of the outcome. Our leadership training, inside and outside of the classroom, will result with our students emerging as visionary leaders--locally, globally, and for a lifetime.

Porter’s students receive formal leadership training through a series of progressive seminars. Freshman year begins with a focus on self-awareness and decision making to establish personal growth. Sophomore and junior years emphasize concepts of problem solving, teamwork, and competency; and innovation and strategic planning are the hallmarks of senior year. 
Porter’s Leadership Program also offers formal trainings to elected student leaders and serves as a resource for all students and faculty working on a variety of goals, projects or initiatives.

Afternoon Program

Porter's Afternoon Program is essential to our mission. It invokes the spirit and enhances the educational environment within which our school prepares its students to become architects of their own experience.

The flexibility inherent in the program and the athletic requirement provides our students with both the opportunity to deeply invest in activities and interscholastic sports that interest them and the chance to explore activities they have not been exposed to previously.

Porter's Afternoon Program supports the school's educational philosophy while empowering our students to more fully explore their talents, passions, and interests.
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