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InterMission 2017

Connectedness, Confidence, Challenge

InterMission is a winter term between the first and second semesters each January. The goal of InterMission is to foster the spirit of its motto—connectedness, confidence, challenge—in our community. This mission-based program is designed to inspire students to be passionate as well as curious as they learn to become informed, bold, resourceful and ethical global citizens.

InterMission teaches essential skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication within appropriate grade-level curricula. The program cultivates students’ increasing independence as thinkers and self-awareness as learners. Cross-disciplinary topics are explored experientially, while rigorous academic experiences culminate in research, analysis, reflection, presentation, and most-importantly, self-discovery. Courses are electives and culminate in student-designed InterMission Symposium presentations and self-assessment, thereby empowering students to become architects of their own experience.

Students complete InterMission with a strong foundation of abilities upon which they will rely in college and long after as they set out to shape a changing world.

Ninth Grade

Ninth Grade InterMission courses prepare students to cross boundaries and to engage in a meaningful, collaborative, service-learning project with a local organization. Research and investigation of interdisciplinary topics prepare students for action. Through partnerships with local agencies, this InterMission experience fosters awareness, broadens students’ perspectives, and deepens their understanding of the immediate issues involved in each local project as well as the more global implications.

Tenth Grade

Tenth Grade InterMission courses allow students to trek into the outdoors in a team-based, adventure-travel program in the Berkshire Mountains. The program exposes students to experiences in the natural world that will encourage competence and confidence in the outdoors, respect and understanding for the environment, and an appreciation of one’s role in it. Ecology and conservation, survival skills, leadership and followership, trust, team building, collaboration, observation, and problem-solving are elements of each adventure. Relevant cross-disciplinary topics are prepared for in workshops, then experienced and investigated on-site in Beckett, Mass. Confidence and creativity are encouraged as students discover and push their own limits while helping each other to achieve unified goals as a team.

Eleventh Grade

Eleventh Grade InterMission course provide international, school-based immersion experiences for students around the world. Collaborating with their international peers in a boarding or day school community abroad, students are challenged to take advantage of each location as a resource for multi-disciplinary study, self-directed learning, and community-based exploration. By living and attending school with their peers, students can develop a deeper understanding of the daily rhythms and cultures of the host school community. Engaging deeply in the rich history, cultural traditions, and current events in each place, students have the opportunity to explore their own ethnic and cultural identities, to develop empathy for and trust in their peers with different cultural perspectives, and to gain a more profound and critical understanding of what it means both to be at home and to be a global citizen in today’s world.

Twelfth Grade

Twelfth Grade InterMission courses provide students with opportunities both to explore topics within the course themes and to discover and pursue individual interests. Each interdisciplinary course allows for students with differing interests to discuss intersecting topics, collaborate, and let their ideas cross-germinate. Teachers will model the inquiry process for students, facilitate experiential learning off campus, and guide students through student-centered activities and projects. Ultimately, these courses aim to encourage students to dig deeper into their areas of interest, to practice inquiry, and to create unique projects that seek to answer their questions. The12th grade InterMission program gives our most independent students the opportunity to analyze and shape the world they inhabit through the questions they create, making them the architects of their own learning experience.
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