10th Grade InterMission

Tenth-grade InterMission students trek into the outdoors in a team-based, adventure-focused, physical-education program in the Berkshires. Our goal is to create experiences in the natural world, which encourage competence and confidence in the outdoors, and foster respect and appreciation for the environment right here in Farmington and further beyond.  The entire grade spends 3 days and two nights exploring the Berkshires in winterized lodging.

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  • Grade 10 Course Descriptions 2018

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Student Voices

"InterMission provided me with a new community of friends, a new experience of my body, a better understanding of those around me, more confidence in my physical and mental abilities, and a much-needed break from academics. The 10th-grade camping trip in the Berkshires taught me about my physical ability. Creating the Symposium challenged me. I found the determination to complete a task and to think creatively.”
-Grade 10 Student

“I think this experience was very eye-opening because I had always known about the environmental issues in the world but because it was not an issue that I faced everyday I kind of suppressed the acknowledgment of them. Taking this class we were confronted with them everyday and I learned that if people maybe realized that it is in fact affecting us everyday even of it’s not right in front of us then we could make a difference and advocate for the earth’s conservation.”
-Grade 10 Student
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