Teaching Responsibilities:


A candidate interested in a full-time position would take on all of the responsibilities listed above plus the standard slate of co-curricular and residential responsibilities necessitated by life and work at a boarding school.  Doing so would also include the offer of campus housing, should appropriate housing be available.  

We are willing to split the job into multiple part-time roles, so candidates interested in only a portion of the responsibilities are still encouraged to apply.  

While the start date for the Winter Term is November 30th, we can be flexible given the short timeline.   

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to: 

Tim Quinn
Chief Academic Officer and Dean of Faculty

For more information about teaching at Miss Porter’s please see the general description below:


Teaching at Miss Porter’s
Miss Porter’s is committed to offering a distinctive, student-centered curriculum that helps girls to build skills in the traditional liberal arts while also specifically preparing them for successful careers and lives of purpose in a dynamic, fast-paced future.  We pride ourselves in offering an interdisciplinary, experiential, collaborative, and project-based curriculum that requires students to explore and address the authentic problems facing our world today.  Through this curriculum, students will become — in the words of our mission — “informed, bold, resourceful and ethical global citizens.”

In addition to being excited by the vision outlined above, prospective teaching candidates should have expertise in their field, and an interest in and ability to teach in an interdisciplinary setting.   Our faculty works together within and across departments to build curriculum and design assessments and experiences that are aligned both horizontally and vertically to provide the students with a holistic and cohesive experience.  Miss Porter’s is not a school where people teach and design curriculum in isolation from their colleagues.  Genuine collaboration is a must! 

Candidates should also be adept at managing a dynamic, active, student-centered classroom, and be committed to teaching in ways that are the best for girls.  Candidates must be skilled in curriculum design and familiar with project-based learning, authentic assessment, mastery learning, and standards-based grading.   

Faculty members are expected to contribute to the extra-curricular life of the school and share in residential-life responsibilities. Hence, an interest in coaching or coordinating extra-curricular activities and a willingness to fulfill evening and weekend duties is a must.  

Perhaps most importantly, candidates must have a high degree of cross-cultural competency and be committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of school life. Our teachers work to create equitable classrooms in which students have equal access and opportunities to learn and achieve to their fullest potential. 

Working at a boarding school is a demanding job, and, thus, we seek candidates who are willing to work long, hard hours when school is in session, knowing that their work is worth it because they are changing lives for the better.

Miss Porter’s is committed to hiring, developing, and retaining a world class faculty.  We expect that all of our teachers will be among the best in the nation.