Office of Equity and Inclusion

At Miss Porter’s School, we constantly examine the dynamics and reality of inequality in the world and in our school. The Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) leads and guides the School community in the important work of building diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) on our campus. 

Equity at Porter’s

To achieve institutional excellence, each community member is committed to examination and questioning of their privileges and biases in order to create a more just community and future. OEI identifies areas where inequalities still exist, and fosters dialogue across differences committing to the responsibility of change. We actively create spaces for mistakes, reflection, and growth so that we can learn across differences and move towards justice. Our collective accountability is ongoing.

Gender 3
A Unique Student Driven Approach

We are proud of the way that our students continue to push us forward.

Porter’s students are at the forefront of all equity and inclusion initiatives. They partner with OEI to bring their peers and faculty into conversations—some difficult— through student-to-student workshops, professional development for adults, and school-wide programming. 

Your Voice is Valued

  • We never limit resources
  • We always support new projects
  • We encourage accountability in all leadership roles
  • We foster discomfort and growth in order to continue moving forward

Our collective accountability is ongoing.

Gender Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Generation after generation, our leadership is defined by our ability to articulate how young women think, how young women learn, and why gender matters. At Miss Porter’s School, we provide students with a uniquely empowering learning environment and our mission and program focus on girls and women and the experiences needed for our graduates to shape a changing world.

While enrolled, some students come to openly identify with different gender identities, and the School is committed to an inclusive community rooted in the inherent worth and dignity of each member. This requires that our teachers, administrators, and students work together to create the conditions that allow for belonging as our understanding of gender expands and deepens over time.

By the Numbers
of student body are domestic Students of Color
0 %
of student body are international students
0 %
states represented
countries represented
of faculty come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds*
0 %
of employees come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds*
0 %
of senior administrators come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds*
0 %
of Board of Trustees members come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds* in 2023-2024
0 %
of Alumnae Board members come from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds* in 2022-2023
0 %

*We currently define diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds as: anyone that self-reports and identifies as Black, African-American, Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Latine, Hispanic, Multi-racial, Bi-racial, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, and/or North African. Some, but not all, may identify as people of color.

Equity & Inclusion Organizations

We continue to welcome everyone—and we mean everyone. We engage our student and adult populations, embed anti-bias and anti-racist education into our curriculum and our community. Our responsibility to cultivate a more just institution is clear.


Student-led groups open to all members of the community seeking to educate, uplift, challenge perceptions, and build empathy and allyship for and across different identities.

Affinity Groups

Spaces created around a shared common identity to advocate for, uplift, and celebrate the individuals who speak from the “I” perspective.

Advisory Groups

A blend of alliances and affinities that provide structured support for members who speak from the “I” perspective. Advisories foster an empathetic environment through collaboration aimed to educate the community on various topics.

Adult Organizations

Institutionally supported employee groups that focus on building community, camaraderie, continued identity education and growth. These groups also cultivate and foster recruitment and retention.

Asian Students Alliance (ASA)

ACRONYM: DIsability & Neurodivergence Affinity

LGBTQ+ Student Affinity

Jewish Student Affinity (JSA)

Association for White Anti-racist Education (AWARE)

Black & Latine Alliance (BLA)

Caribbean Affinity

Prism: Queer Students of Color Affinity

MPS X AOF Japan: Japanese Affinity

Sister 2 Sister: Black Student Affinity

EleMental: Mental Health Alliance

Muslim Affinity

Trans & Nonbinary Employee Affinity

HOLA: Hispanic or Latine Affinity

Multiracial Affinity

Spectrum: Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Employee of Color Affinity

Trans & Nonbinary Student Affinity

ConstellAsians: Asian & Pacific Islander Affinity

White Anti-racists Everywhere (WARE)

International Student Advisory (ISA)

LGBTQ+ Employee Affinity

2 Worlds: Multicultural Affinity

Land Acknowledgement Statement

At Miss Porter’s School, we acknowledge the Tunxis Indigenous People as the original inhabitants and stewards of the lands that we call home. The history of this land is difficult to piece together, and the stories told were shaped by settler colonialism. We recognize the need for a fuller understanding of the Tunxis and our shared past.  Because of this, we must speak the truth as it is currently known. The Head of School, Board of Trustees, and senior administrative leadership commit to honoring the past and understanding our responsibility for the future.

Meet the Team
Susan Martell Jenkin

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

ashley amoabeng

Assistant Dean of Equity & Inclusion

Kaitlin Cowles

Teacher - Mathematics, Science, Equity & Inclusion Associate

Dariana Rosario

Intern - OEI & House Director

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