The Institute for Global Education

Becoming a global citizen is a lifelong learning process that begins with oneself. We recognize the role an individual plays in the global community and how to understand shared responsibilities and risks on a global scale. Students will challenge their assumptions, develop empathetic imagination, and understand how their identities influence their perspectives. Students consider the questions of “Who am I?,” “Where do I come from?” and “How does this shape the world we live in?”

statement of purpose

Miss Porter’s School is committed to creating a global community. Our current student body represents 29 countries by citizenship, dual-citizenship, and students living abroad. By engaging more deeply in the history, cultural traditions, and current events of communities both locally and globally, students and faculty explore their cultural identities, develop empathy for and trust in their peers and colleagues with different cultural perspectives, and gain a more profound understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

Porter's Around The World


Porter’s Center for Global Leadership courses give high school girls the tools they need to be empowered to learn, to collaborate, to lead, and to create innovative solutions to pressing global issues. With the tools acquired from our programs, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to be a catalyst for global change.

Certificate in Global Studies 

The Certificate in Global Studies is a path through which students develop cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills, as well as the ability to think critically about global change with a deeper understanding of the interconnected and interdependent nature of our world. They focus on and address real world issues that are relevant to them, culminating in a 12th grade Capstone project.

Course Requirements 

Students are required to continue their sequential study of one language for all four years of high school, except that students who reach the AIS level of their language before 12th grade may start a new language sequence in lieu of a second year of AIS in their initial language.

AIS GLobal Studies Intensive

  • A full trimester course in Grade 11.
  • International immersion experience focusing on a pressing global issue in the region to which they will travel.
  • Culminates in a symposium presentation and written reflection.

Additional Requirements

  • At least two courses with a global focus.
  • Participate in two Global Seminar Series events
  • AIS Global Studies Capstone project: Ready to Shape a Changing World.
Complete Two of the Following Co-Curricular Activities:

Host a student from one of our international partner schools.


Collaborate on a project with student(s) from an international partner school.


Propose and engage in a collaborative project with a local organization or community in the greater Hartford region.


Participate actively in any of these student organizations: News-Decoder, Earth Club, Model UN, or Concordia. Or propose an alternative engagement opportunity.

meet the Institute For Global Education office
Santiago Enrique

Director, IGE, Teacher - Languages, Spanish


Are you wired for tech?

If you have a brain that wants to make, engineer, and innovate, explore our STEAM-centric program.


Porter’s partners with leading educational institutions around the world. Our global network connects students and faculty to their peers, allowing for an exchange of teaching and learning within diverse geographical contexts.

African Leadership Academy

Johannesburg, South Africa

From 2011-2016 Porter’s welcomed an ALA graduate each year as a postgraduate student. Since InterMission 2016, 91 Porter’s students and 13 faculty have visited ALA, where our scholars study the history of racial division in South Africa and Entrepreneurial Leadership; live in school dormitories with students from more than 40 countries in Africa; and visit the townships of Soweto and Munsieville.

Kichijo Girls’ School

 Tokyo, Japan

Since InterMission 2017, 64 Porter’s students and eight faculty have joined the Kichijo community for two weeks of homestays, Japanese language instruction, extracurricular activities, and connecting with Ancients. Through exchange programming at Joshigakun High School, our students were able to make additional connections with their peers in Japan.

more Global Partners

Beneden School

Kent, Great Britain


Branksome Hall Asia

 Jeju Island, South Korea


Collège Lycée

 Rennes, France


Diocesan girls school

 Hong Kong


International School of Asia

 Karuizawa, Japan


Joshi Seigakuin Junior & Senior High school

 Tokyo, Japan


LAUDE El Altillo School

 Jerez, Spain


The Olympia Schools

 Hanoi, Vietnam


The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

 Johannesburg, South Africa



 Beijing, China


Rishikul Vidyapeeth School

 Haryana, India


SEK — El Castillo School

 Madrid, Spain


Shishi High School

 Chengdu, China


St. Clement’s School

 Toronto, Canada


Vidya Devi Jindal School

 Hisar, India


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