Alumnae Leadership

The quality of Miss Porter’s School, and the quality of education its students receive, is only as strong as those who believe in it and work on its behalf. Porter’s is fortunate to benefit every year from the service of more than 500 Ancients and family members who volunteer to serve the school. For those of you who are sharing your time and talent, we give our thanks, as you are truly helping to “shape a changing world” one girl at a time.


We are driven and uplifted by the dedication of our family of volunteers. If you are interested in joining this dedicated cadre of volunteers, below are some ways you can volunteer for Porter’s. Please contact the Alumnae & Development Office for more information or fill out the Ancient Information Form (this form works best on a computer).

Reunion Leadership

This role, in partnership with the Alumnae Relations Office, leads the class planning and outreach. Duties include communicating with the entire class to ensure maximum attendance at Reunion; recruiting, leading, and motivating the Reunion committee volunteers; and of course, attending the Reunion celebration!

Time commitment is a few hours per month.

Class Representatives

Each Class Representative serves as a leader for her class. In this capacity, she is responsible for securing donations, helping to identify potential volunteer leaders, and acting as a liaison between school and Ancients. Last year, thanks to the diligent work of volunteers, the Annual Fund raised more than $2,100,000 to support the operating budget of Miss Porter’s School!

Time commitment is a few hours per month.

Imagining Life

Ancient volunteers are needed to serve as panel members for this annual student-centered event. Through presentation and group discussion, “Imagining Life: Ancients Connect the Dots” is intended to create meaningful dialogue between MPS seniors and Ancients about life journeys in order to encourage students to consider a broader range of possibilities. 

Time commitment: one Friday evening, typically in January.


60 Main Street
Farmington, CT 06032
Phone: 860-409-3520
1-800-HI-SARAH option 2
FAX: 860-409-3521

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The Daisy Pin is the highest award given by the Alumnae Association. It is presented for outstanding service to Miss Porter’s School.

The Evan Burger Donaldson ’51 Achievement Award is commensurate with the Daisy Pin and is given biannually to recognize an Ancient who has worked to better the changing world we share and shape.


1963: Mrs. Robert Porter Keep
1963: Margaret Porter Ijams 1912
1963: Ellenor Cook Lane 1915
1963: Katharine Bunker Parsons 1918
1963: Eleanor Ames Powell ’24
1963: Mary DuBois Schwarz ’29
1963: Annie Burr Auchincloss Lewis 1920
1965: Mrs. Hollis French
1965: Harriet McClure Stuart 1907
1967: Anna Matheson Wood 1901
1969: Katharine Derr Barney 1918
1970: Dorothy Dennis Marsh 1910
1973: Nancy Fenton Perkins ’35
1973: Gloria Barnes Van Norden ’41
1979: Elizabeth Buffinton Briggs ’44
1980: Polly Fenton Dickerson ’37
1980: Alice Rutgers Dodge ’37
1981: Emily Parsons Ridgway ’29
1982: Louisa Copeland Duemling ’54
1984: Margaret Porter Davis ’52
1984: Lynn Weyerhaeuser Day ’49
1984: Elizabeth Hanavan Hube
1986: Caroline Morgan Macomber ’50
1988: Margaret Taube Harper ’53
1989: Edwina Shea Millington ’49
1990: Lucy Pulling Cutting ’54
1993: Rachel Hammond Breck ’25
1994: Emily Ridgway Crisp ’59
1994: Eleanor Ashforth Harvey ’43
1995: Marie Powell Hincks ’45
1996: Jean Marckwald Chapin ’56
1997: Alice Babst Bent ’27
1997: Sally du Pont Cahill ’47
1999: Judy Olin Higgins ’54
2002: Virginia Wells Truesdale ’52
2003: Isabel Morrell Beadleston ’28
2004: Missie Rennie Taylor ’64
2005: Edith McBride Bass ’50
2005: Beverley Waud Sutherland ’55
2006: Marianna Mead O’Brien, P ’74, ’76, ’78
2007: M. Burch Tracy Ford
2008: Elizabeth Mead Merck ’38
2009: Barbara Higgins Epifanio ’79
2012: Mimi Colgate Kirk ’57
2013: Judith Milliken Holden ’68
2014: Margaret Nash Gifford ’48
2015: Anne Stillman Nordeman ’65
2018: Nancy Klingenstein Simpkins ’74


The Evan Burger Donaldson ’51 Achievement Award was established to honor Mrs. Donaldson, an Ancient and Trustee who served others through hands-on work with organizations such as Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the New York Women’s Foundation, and the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, as well as Miss Porter’s School. This award has been made possible by the generosity of William H. Donaldson.

The Evan Burger Donaldson ’51 Achievement Award is commensurate with the Daisy Pin as one of the school’s highest honors. As the Daisy Pin recognizes exceptional service on behalf of the school, this new award recognizes outstanding service to the larger community. The recipient will have worked to better the changing world we share and shape. This award will be presented biennially to an Ancient whose dedication to service to others is exemplary.

Past award recipients

1998: Elizabeth May ’72
Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada

2001: Elizabeth Cushman Putnam ’51
Founder, Student Conservation Association

2003: Agnes Gund ’56
Founder, A Studio in a School, Chairman
Emerita, Museum of Modern Art, Chair, and
NYC Arts Commission

2005: Isabel Van Devanter Sawhill ’55
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute

2007: India Howell ’75
Founder, Rift Valley Children’s Village,
Tanzanian Children’s Fund and Rift Valley
Children’s Fund

2009: Tracy D. Gary ’69
Donor, activist and philanthropist. Founder and
President, Inspired Legacies

2011: Louisa Copeland Duemling ’54
Philanthropist and conservationist

2015: Louise Vietor Oliver ’62
U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO.
Expert in education, philanthropy and public policy

2017: Anne Firestone Ball ’51
Community volunteer and philanthropist

2019: Josephine Brodhead Moore ’68
Co-Founder and President Emerita, The Neighborhood Academy
Master of Divinity, advocate for social justice

Please fill in Nominee's Information below

To nominate an Ancient for the Evan Burger Donaldson ’51 Achievement Award, please fill in the nominee’s information on the form below. Nominations must be received by July 1, 2021.

Among the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow who will have to wrestle with the ongoing problems of poverty, illness, education, toxic wastes, the eldery, and so on. I believe if we can make students aware at an early age of the many needs in a community, they will carry this concern with them into adulthood."

— Evan Burger Donaldson '51

The Alumnae Association of Miss Porter’s School is committed to affirming the relationship between Ancients and the school, fostering bonds between its Ancients, and encouraging Ancients to play an active role in the continued success of the school.

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Sharifah Holder ’06, Co-President
Patricia Mueller ’74, Co-President
Saba Brelvi ’91, Co-Vice President
Caroline Dean ’07, Co-Vice President
Lucy Montgomery ’85, Recording Secretary

Board of Directors

Danielle M. Benjamin ’00
Nancy P. Blumenthal ’83
Callie F. Brzezinski ’16
Kelsey L. Burns ’12
Christina L. “Chrissy” Cox ’93
Paula L. Fernandez-Baca ’08
Mayanthi L. Fernando ’93
Anique C. Gorman-Scharf ’85
Alexandra G. “Allie” Hagerty ’11
Deborah Atkin Haggerty ’81
Kathleen K. Henry ’74
Deana Jones-Jean ’99
Nicole LaMotte ’88
Michelle M. Lee ’08
Claire Henry Lovell ’02
Daphne N. Muchnic ’74
Ana Ortiz ’03
Julie Esiro Oyogoa ’00
Anne Patterson ’78
Letitia “Tish” Roberts ’60
Jennifer Gorzelany Weinheimer ’95
Caroline R. Welles ’08
Tianyi “Tina” Xu ’05

*Cicely Upham, Director of Alumnae and Parent Engagement, ex officio*

Join a long tradition of philanthropy at Miss Porter’s School

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