Rigoulot, Cate

Teacher - Science

Ms. Rigoulot graduated from Trinity College with a bachelor’s degree with honors in environmental science and minors in models and data. After graduation, she worked as an environmental educator before enrolling in Chestnut Hill College to earn a master’s degree in education, specializing in secondary science education and special education. Ms. Rigoulot has earned distinctions as a new science teacher academy fellow from the National Science Teachers Association and an ecology project international research & education fellow in the Sea of Cortez. She is passionate about exposing women to the STEM field and feels lucky to be able to do so in our community.

Ms. Rigoulot teaches Environmental Lab Science and Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar in Environmental Science. She is an advisor to Earth Club and both the student and faculty white anti-racist education groups. She believes in hands-on, experiential learning and one of the foundational elements of her curricula is bringing students out into the beautiful and diverse natural spaces around the Miss Porter’s School campus. Outside of the classroom, Cate is an avid SCUBA diver and underwater photographer. She also enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband, Dave, and their dog, Waverly.