Curriculum Overview: Educating Girls Today

Miss Porter’s School is different — historically, intentionally, and successfully. We’ve been different, are different, and will be different than any school, coed or single gender, than most people have ever experienced. Our proven ability to develop strong female leaders has been replicated decade after decade with unquestionable outcomes.
As we enhance our curriculum, we are focused on establishing courses and programs that are engaging, interdisciplinary, and experiential. Our academic program is global in scope and highly personalized. It continues to emphasize the liberal arts, as was Sarah Porter’s intention, and also ensures that girls:
  • learn to innovate and create,
  • understand what it means to be an entrepreneur,
  • conduct original research,
  • complete projects within STEAM fields,
  • and develop a deep understanding of the humanities and social sciences to address complex social issues.
Miss Porter’s School is preparing students to excel in college and beyond; to seek challenges and break gender barriers; to learn to innovate and create; and to understand what it means to be a leader. Our graduates are expected to shape a changing world, and Miss Porter’s School provides the tools for them to do so.


Academic Schedule Overview

Our daily academic schedule:
  • creates space and time for collaboration and enrichment,
  • increases student and community wellness,
  • allows for deep, interdisciplinary, experiential, mission-focused learning,
  • and provides dedicated time to social and emotional learning.
The schedule includes 80-minute classes, a 55-minute social-emotional learning block per week, and community time four days per week for academic enrichment, all-school gatherings, club meetings, and downtime.
Miss Porter's School
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