The Institute for
Technology, Innovation & entrepreneurship

The Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) prepares students for further study and careers at the cutting edge of the fields that define the world of tomorrow. Coursework in TIE prepares students to lead successful, productive lives in a technologically-driven society and economy. Our program provides for both depth and breadth of learning through the interconnected fields of programming, digital literacy, global business, digital innovation, design, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.


Our required introductory course in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship focuses on  inspiring, hands-on experiences and skill development in STEAM. The course culminates in a final project in which students develop a website addressing a social issue and participate in a “pitch event” with top teams gaining the opportunity to compete in business, pitch, and app challenges around the country.



Courses in the Technology strand emphasize skill building and experiential opportunities.


Courses in the Innovation strand emphasize design and systems thinking and creative problem-solving.


Courses in the entrepreneurship strand emphasize the business of ingenuity.

Co-curricular program

For students interested in pursuing real-world experience in STEAM and entrepreneurship, we offer an afternoon program each season. Programs vary from year to year and may include Robotics, Start-Up Lab, Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Emphasizing technology and design thinking, these opportunities expose students to interactive, project-based activities and design, production, and research.


features of the innovation lab

  • Luzbot Taz 6 3-D Printers
  • Shapeoko 3 3-axis CNC machine
  • Full Spectrum Laser Cutter
  • Lego Mindstorms EVO and NXT kits
  • Arduino UNO and YUN Microcontrollers
  • MakeyMakey Boards
  • Brick Pi
  • CAD Workstations
  • Epilog Laser Cutter and Rotary Engraver
  • Machine shop equipped for woodworking, light metalwork, and plastics
TIE Certificate

The TIE Certificate is a path to inspire students’ interest in STEAM and entrepreneurship. Students who commit to the TIE Certificate become social entrepreneurs, utilizing technology to address social issues and make positive contributions to our changing world.

To earn the TIE Certificate, a student must complete all of the curricular and co-curricular requirements below:

curricular Requirements 

  1. Take Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship class.
  2. Choose one of the TIE strands — Technology (T), Innovation (I), or Entrepreneurship (E) — and take at least three elective courses in that strand.
  3. Complete a collaborative TIE Capstone project, with at least one group member focused in each TIE strand.


Participation in TIE afternoon programs for at least two seasons during your time at Porter’s. Options may include:


Start-up lab
data science

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TIE isn’t our only Interdisciplinary Institute. If you are curious about how the world works and learning more about global issues, click the link below.

meet the tIE Office
Lee Beckwith

Penn Fellow T.I.E

Ryan Bliss

Teacher - T.I.E.

John Bryk

Chair - Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Teacher - Mathematics

Lesley Skenderian

Teacher - Science; Associate Director of Operations Porter's Center for Global Leadership


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