Alumnae Board

Welcoming New Alumnae Board Leaders

On July 1, we are saying good-bye to current Alumnae Board leadership and welcoming new leaders for the upcoming year. We send a big “thank you” to our departing members for all their hard work throughout the year. We also look ahead to 2020-2021 with excitement for all that is to come, and eagerly welcome our new Alumnae Board members!

Departing Alumnae Board members

Maura A. Droney ’01  

Petria Horner Fossell ’69

Christine F. Messineo ’97

Beverley M. Sutherland ’88

The following Ancients will serve as members of the Alumnae Board of Directors for the fiscal year 2020-2021:

Patricia H. Mueller ’74, Co-President

Ashley Jones Tagatac ’80, Co-President

Caroline Dean Udelhofen ’04, Co-Vice President

Sharifah S. Holder ’06, Co-Vice President

Melinda Gorzelany Jones ’99, Secretary

Danielle M. Benjamin ’00

Nancy P. Blumenthal ’83

Saba S. Brelvi ’91

Callie F. Brzezinski ’16

Kelsey L. Burns ’12

Gizelle L. Clemens ’04

Christina L. “Chrissy” Cox ’93

Paula L. Fernandez-Baca ’08

Mayanthi L. Fernando ’93

Anique C. Gorman-Scharf ’85

Alexandra G. “Allie” Hagerty ’11

Deborah Atkin Haggerty ’81

Kathleen K. Henry ’74

Deana Jones-Jean ’99

Nicole LaMotte ’88

Michelle M. Lee ’08

Claire Henry Lovell ’02

Lucy H. Montgomery ’85

Daphne N. Muchnic ’74

Letitia “Tish” Roberts ’60

Jennifer Gorzelany Weinheimer ’95

Caroline R. Welles ’08

Tianyi “Tina” Xu ’05

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