ChangeMarkers Summer

Miss Porter’s Launches ChangeMaker’s Institute

What do you do if you’re a teenage girl looking to make some real change in the world? You’re passionate about a cause — climate change, racial justice, hunger, or education — but you don’t know how one person can make a real difference. You might just enroll in Miss Porter’s School’s ChangeMaker’s Institute.

Commencement and Graduation 2021

Let’s get excited as we prepare to celebrate the Class of 2021. Read more to learn about the details and plans for Commencement Graduation 2021. Don’t forget to tag @missporters and use hashtags #MissPortersSchool #PortersGrad and #Porters2021 to help us celebrate graduation.

Farmington Give Day Aoril 20th. Double your impact!

Today is Farmington Give Day!

Double your impact today. Help us reach our goal of 600 gifts and give your friends a shout to remind them that today is Farmington Give Day!