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A Letter to the Miss Porter’s School Community

united states capitol dome
United States Capitol dome
January 6, 2021

Dear Miss Porter’s School Community – 

In 1814, the British Army burned the U.S. Capitol, and in 1856, pro-slavery Representative Preston Brooks caned abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner on the floor. In 1954, U.S. nationalists exchanged gunfire in the House of Representatives chamber to support Puerto Rico’s independence from the United States. But never before have American citizens stormed the Capitol Building of American democracy with the intent to disrupt the lawful proceedings of the People’s government.  

As we continue to weather the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racism in America, we have witnessed increasing tensions nationwide. Some might be shocked by the events, while others are not at all surprised by yet another manifestation of white supremacy. Today’s events in the nation’s capital are an expected and anticipated outcome of this pervasive, inflammatory, divisive rhetoric and a failure to act. 

When we learned of the unrest in the District of Columbia, we immediately began to reach out to students and their families, staff, and Ancients who live in the area to ensure their safety and identify ways to provide support, aid, or assistance. We will continue to be in communication with community members both in and out of Farmington. 

Classes will not be canceled tomorrow. However, teachers have been provided with additional tools and resources and are empowered to be flexible in their engagement with students as we work to navigate the outcomes of this event. Any student who is struggling or appears to be in distress is encouraged to contact their advisor and the counseling office

We do not know what the morning will bring. But we do know that we are on the precipice of history and are living it in real-time. Our community continues to stand on the side of justice and, in the words of our all-school theme, to seek the truth and be informed. 

We have power in using this experience to make a difference and shape a changing world. 

Stay safe and be well,

Katherine G. Windsor, Ed.D.

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