Certificate Programs and Capstone Projects


The Global Studies Certificate is a path through which students develop cross-cultural knowledge and communication skills, as well as the ability to think critically about global change with a deeper understanding of the interconnected and interdependent nature of our world. They focus on and address real world issues that are relevant to them, culminating in a 12th grade capstone project.

The following students earned Global Studies Certificates this year:

Jamison Biddle

Sophia Bukowski

McKenzie Roller


The Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Certificate is a path to inspire students’ interest in STEAM and entrepreneurship. Students who commit to the TIE Certificate learn about and become social entrepreneurs, utilizing technology to address social issues and provide solutions to complex problems that make a positive contribution to the world.

The following students earned TIE Certificates this year:

Alexia Cusano – Entrepreneurship

Sarah Spence – Entrepreneurship

Sarah Wagner – Entrepreneurship


Our Advanced Interdisciplinary Seminar (AIS) courses provide rich experiences and cultivate exceptional thinkers by supplementing and balancing our extensive Advanced Placement (AP) offerings. AIS courses combine the intellectual rigor of AP courses with interdisciplinary, experiential, and project-based learning that push the students beyond what is required by most AP courses by forcing them to think more deeply, to ask questions, to evaluate information, and to make connections between related topics.

The following students completed AIS capstone projects this year:

Jamison Biddle – Ethical Technology Companies: Guidelines for Startups

Sophia Bukowski – Mental Disorders: Destigmatizing Through Storytelling

Elle Choi – Korean Beauty Standards and The Beauty Industry’s Marketing Strategies

Alexia Cusano – Diabetics Living in Low-Income Households: Navigating their Needs

Anna Foster – Managing and Treating Osteoarthritis in the Equine Athlete

Zoe Ireland: How Melanoma Treatment is Changing in 2020 and Beyond

Darlie Kerns – The Great New American Songbook: Exploring and Expanding Our Musical History

Charis Ng – Etiological Origins of China’s Mental Health Stigma

Freya Ou – Classical Music’s Influence on Film Scores

Willow Quine – Women’s Health: Medicinal Plants and Adaptogen Herbs

McKenzie Roller – Social Change: How to Create the Future We Imagine

Lauren Schramm – The French Empire Lives On: Lasting Effects of Colonialism in Northern Africa

Madyn Singh – Social Media for Impact

Tyler Smith – Music and the Brain: Music’s Therapeutic Benefits

Evie Usich – Art’s Influence on Environmental Advocacy

Sarah Spence & Sarah Wagner – Unveiling the New Age of Fashion Marketing

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