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Reunion Weekend 2024

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Farmington is calling you…

We are excited to welcome Ancients whose class year ends in 4 or 9 back to Farmington this fall for the 2024 Reunion Weekend!

This page will contain all the information that Ancients need to know about the weekend’s specifics. Check back for periodic updates and email Alumnae Relations with any questions!

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Registration is now open!

Take advantage of early bird pricing if you register by August 15!

Early Bird Pricing Tiers

Available through August 15

Standard Pricing Tiers

Begins August 16

Individual Registration: $160Individual Registration: $185
Young Ancients (Classes of 2009-2019): $65Young Ancients (Classes of 2009-2019): $75
50th Reunion (Class of 1974): FREE50th Reunion (Class of 1974): FREE
75th-55th Reunions (Classes of 1949-1969): $6575th-55th Reunions (Classes of 1949-1969): $75
Former Faculty and Staff: FreeFormer Faculty and Staff: Free
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Check back in the coming months for more programming as well as specific times and locations.

Horticultural Tour of Campus  
Class of 1974 Cocktails & Mocktails and Dinner, 50th Class Reunion

Office of Admission, Greene House

44 Mill Lane

Cocktails & Mocktails and Dinner for the Classes of 1969 and earlier

Head of School’s Office & Main Parlors

60 Main St

1979 and 2009 Class Happy Hour

Lamphere House

92 Main Street

Hosted by Head of School Dr. Katherine G. Windsor
1984, 1989 and 1994 Class Happy Hour

Timothy Cowles House (Timco)

87 Main Street

Hosted by Chief Communications and Public Health Officer Diane Johnson
2014 and 2019 Class Happy Hour80 Main StreetHosted by Chief Financial Officer Michael Bergin P’19
1999 and 2004 Class Happy Hour14 Mill LaneHosted by Chief Advancement Officer Christine M. Pina
Class DinnersLeila Dilworth Jones Memorial Parking Lot

Dinner to be served via Food and Drink Trucks

Seating will be assigned by class

Little Meeting Enjoy this classic MPS tradition with fellow Ancients and current students as they share their talents in the form of music, dance, spoken word, and more!
Continental Breakfast

Main Dining Room

60 Main St

Class of 1974, 50th Reunion Breakfast

Lamphere House

92 Main Street

Ancient Perilhettes rehearsalTo be involved, contact 
Friends of Bill W Meeting 
Student-led Tours 
Office of Equity and Inclusion Student-hosted Lunch 
General Lunch

Main Dining Room

60 Main St

Class Photos

Hamilton Steps

Meet on Hamilton lawn

Service of RemembranceFirst Church of Christ, Congregational, 1652 (Congo)
Lamp post dedication in memory of AnnaRose King ’04 
All-Reunion Cocktails & MocktailsFountain Lawn
Singing in the GardenFountain Lawn
All-Reunion Dinner

Main Dining Room

60 Main St

Ancient Perilhettes Reunion Performance


General Breakfast

Main Dining Room

60 Main St

25th Reunion Breakfast

Lamphere House

92 Main Street

Farmington Historical Society Walking Tour

Self-Guided Tours of Campus

Pick up map in Bates Lobby, lower-level of Main

60 Main St)


Parking for Reunion Weekend will be available in the following areas:

Tennis Court Parking Lot69 Garden StreetAccessible parking spots available here
Pool & Squash Building Parking Lot88 Garden StreetAccessible parking spots available here
North Campus Loop3 Porter Road

Accessible parking spots available here

EV charging stations available here

Office of Admission at the Grist Mill44 Mill Lane 

In response to the Ancient Census feedback that we have received to date, and in our efforts to make Miss Porter’s School an authentic community of belonging, we have worked to ensure that our events and programming are accessible to all who want to participate. In addition to the many changes made to campus to make school more physically accessible to students, Ancients, employees, visitors, below, you will find the list of accommodation and accessibility considerations we have made throughout our Reunion planning process. 

  • Our Dining Service, Flik Independent School Dining, will offer a wide range of food options throughout the weekend. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, the staff will be able to answer questions for you regarding ingredients. Please know that the MPS campus is nut-free, and that there will always be gluten-free, dairy free and vegetarian options available at each event. Please email if you will be coming to campus and have a severe food allergy that we should know about. 
  • Large-print weekend schedules will be available at registration.
  • A designated quiet space will be available.
  • Gender neutral bathrooms will be available in Main (primary floor), the Noni, the Dr. Glenda Newell-Harris ’71 Student Center, the M. Burch Tracy Ford Library (first floor), and The Grist Mill.
  • A Friends of Bill W meeting will be held on Saturday morning.
  • Mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages will be available in every place that alcohol will be offered. 
  • Two separate nursing and pumping spaces and a Pluie changing table will be available in Main.
  • Dining chairs will accommodate larger body sizes.
  • Golf cart transportation will be available from the Farmington Inn to campus as well as around campus for those that need it.
  • Pronoun ribbons will be provided at registration for Ancients to share their pronouns on their name tags if they feel comfortable. 
  • There will be ample spaces and signage for accessible parking.


If you have any questions, or specific accessibility issues that you would like to discuss prior to your visit, please feel free to contact or call 860-409-3634. 


We have secured room blocks at three area hotels for reunion classes. Please find which hotel your class should book at below and click the link for more details


Other Area hotels include:

See Who is Coming

The “See Who’s Coming” list will be updated on a weekly basis. 

Missy Ridgway Crisp
Sally Barlow Fleming
Candee Oxnard Meade

Kathleen Kingsford Davis
Elaine Walker Fiske
Joanne Fleming Hayes
Nancy Porter
Toni Gile Sennott
Missie Rennie Taylor

Harriet Bering

Diane Boyer
Callie Madeira Brauer
Nano Chatfield
Anne Childs
Muffy Hart Hansen , P’08
K Henry
Cam McClellan Lanphier
Amy Horrax McIntyre
Nan Muchnic
Pat Mueller
Leslie Moore Murray
Anne Nimick Neilson
Katie Knauss Rosenblum
Cinnie Riker Slack
Mollie Hemphill Smith
Bear Carry Thacher

Be the first to register!

Diana Irwin Beck
Anne Wilmott Brown
Victoria Brown
Susu Cross Foxley
Elizabeth McLean
Claire Theobald

Kirke Hoffman Hall
Abby Aldrich Homiller
Sarah Lynch
Nikki Davis Webb

Ursula Galindo
Paulina Mejia

Nora Newman Benanti
Aime Dizon Harrison
Grace Ryder-O’Malley
Tia Benjamin Silas

Gizelle Clemens
Jules Kerrest
Renee Seong Kyriacou

Rachel McGrath

Bobbie Semple

Lilli Aferzon
Mary Crooks
Merritt Hall
Imandi Herath
Trish Kapur
Eliza Kennedy
Clara Landon
Sophie Mohindra-Green
Caroline Palmer
Anni Philomin
Liv Yonkman


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