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Can high schools help solve the youth mental health crisis?

Article after article documents the ways adolescents are struggling with mental health. Schools are responding, and those that can — like Miss Porter’s —  are adding mental health services and working to integrate social-emotional learning into the curriculum.

Two Questions . . .

Two questions guide my thinking as I lead the academic program at Miss Porter’s School. I believe all well-resourced private schools must find ways to answer them with a “yes” if they truly wish to justify their existence and the privilege that they bestow upon students.  

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2023 Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner

On Saturday, April 9, Ancients all around the world will reconvene for Miss Porter’s School’s third Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner (WWSDD).

bipartisan panel discussion at Miss Porter's School

FaceUp 2022 Bipartisan Summit

On Sunday, October 23, 2022, the Miss Porter’s School advocacy club, FaceUp, held an interscholastic bipartisan summit entitled “It’s Time To FaceUp: The 2022 Midterm Elections.”