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This year’s all-school theme is Belonging — the fundamental human need to be seen, heard, and ultimately, affirmed. This theme reflects Miss Porter’s School’s commitment to the work of building a school community rooted in the inherent worth and dignity of each member.

As I think about the all-school theme, I am proud of the ways Miss Porter’s School is creating the conditions and shared principles that allow for belonging. This work takes bravery, vulnerability, and practice, and I continue to be impressed — every day — by our girls, faculty, and administrators who are doing this hard work.

You will see Belonging as the topic of our feature story, where you will have the opportunity to learn more about our intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; student leadership development; and health and wellness. The theme of Belonging is also woven throughout this issue of the magazine in other ways. You will meet this year’s Nova Nine leaders, who have pledged to “foster a sense of community that everyone can belong to.” You’ll drop in on a conversation between Dr. Gene Cassidy and his advisee, Darian Gordon ’20, where Darian explains, “an advisor helps you know that you belong here.” And you’ll learn how, beyond Farmington, Ancient Carolyne Ouya ’10 is helping others find their sense of belonging.
I know you will be impressed by the many ways our community is committed to building belonging on campus and on the journey that follows.