Girls Win Here

Celebrating September’s Athletes of the Week

September 20th 2021

Field Hockey

This athlete showed consistently strong play in our team’s first field hockey varsity game last week and again in our JV and V matches this past Saturday. She hustled all over the place on defense and was already ready for her opponents with her stick down and head up. Both her coaches and teammates have been impressed with her fearless play on the field and we are all looking forward to watching her grow this season! Congrats to Fiona G. ’25 for being the athlete of the week for field hockey.


This athlete has exemplified what it means to be a leader on and off the court.  Since day one, she has taken initiative in ways that both her coaches and team appreciate. Whether it’s organizing logistics for the team, supporting a teammate 1:1 during a challenging time, energizing the entire team with music/cheers/words of motivation, or anything in between, Porter’s JV volleyball knows they can rely on this student to be there for them. This past weekend, she helped the JV volleyball defeat Ethel Walker on their own court! Congratulations to athlete of the week, Abby R. ’23!

IMG 5469
Athletes of the Week – Abby R. and Fiona G.

Monday September 27th 2021

Cross Country

This athlete has amazing team spirit and brings positive energy to every practice and meet. Not only that, but she improved her time by six – minutes this week (from last week)! She came in fifth for Porter’s in Saturday’s cross country race, and was instrumental in our win against Suffield Academy! Congratulations to Sam B. ’25 for being chosen as Athlete of the week.


This student-athlete has shown consistency, energy, and composure since day one of pre-season. Not only did this student-athlete win (jointly) the beep fitness test, but technically she is excellent. At every practice, she gives nothing less than everything she has, and during games, she shows creativity and composure. This student is a freshman playing at a level of maturity beyond her years.

The best players, the best teammates put the “We before the Me” and this student always puts the team first. This week’s second athlete of the week is Margaret J. ’25.

IMG 5977
Athletes of the week – Margaret J. and Sammy B.