Winter Trimester Athletes of the Week

Celebrating the 2022 Winter Trimester Athletes of the Week

Athletes of the Week

January 24, 2022

JV Basketball

This player has been integral to the success of the JV basketball season thus far. She was a dominant offensive and defensive player during our game against Westminster, and she most recently showcased these skills and focus in our game against KO. She has exemplified how to play the post position, always driving the lane and putting up shots, resulting in her leading our team in points so far this season. Though you will usually find her under the basket, this player is someone you can rely on to play wherever she’s needed, as her ball-handling skills and court awareness make her a threat from anywhere on the court. Her aggressiveness, hustle, and all-around skills have been integral to our four wins thus far, and we know that this freshman will continue to be an asset to the Porter’s basketball program in the coming years. Congratulations to Helen S. on being this week’s Athlete of the Week.

Ski Team

In her 1st Varsity Slalom Race of the 2022 season, she placed in the top 12 overall for boys and girls with a combined two runs. And was 3rd place for the girls out of 62 competitors – with two powerful clean runs which were as smooth as glass. Congratulations Olivia L.!

December 13, 2021


This person is nominated for breaking the varsity record in the first meet of the year by more than twenty points. She has really put a lot of work into her diving during the off-season and she is really exceeding. Congratulations to Jaya M. for being this week’s Athlete of the Week!


This person led the team over its first two games with 38 points, while also dishing out 8 assists. In addition, she had 10 rebounds and led the team with 8 steals. She is a leader on the floor and gives 100%. Congratulations to Mari for being this week’s Athlete of the Week!

January 31, 2022


As a Junior Varsity first-year racer – this skier challenged herself to enter a very difficult Varsity Slalom Race that was set on Connecticut’s longest, steepest, most challenging race trail. She is always positive, always asking good questions, always pushing herself to get out of her comfort zone. She’s a great example for all athletes and life. Congratulations to this week’s Athlete of the Week, Molly G.


This athlete showed their tenacity as a competitor as well as phenomenal sportsmanship at JV Squash’s match at Williston last Wednesday. Despite losing their first two games against Williston’s #7, this player sought feedback and then focused in to make an incredible comeback to win their last three games, winning their matchup 3-2 and scoring for Porter’s, ultimately contributing to JV Squash’s 7-0 win! This athlete also enthusiastically agreed to play an exhibition match with Williston’s #8 and not only won the exhibition match 2-0, but played both of those games to 14-12, showing that they put their all into their performance to win the closely-matched games, even when they “don’t count.” Throughout all SEVEN games this athlete played that day, they remained focused and driven, while still being genuinely kind and courteous to their opponents, complimenting them when they made good shots and scored points. Every team would be so lucky to have someone like this athlete of the week: Leah Glaspey! 

This AOTW shows that not only practice makes perfect, but that there is something to be said about a growth mindset. This athlete already held a record in their sport that she set only two weeks ago but took several risks to continue their growth as an athlete and reach new heights (and depths!). Jaya broke her own school record in diving by two points. She did this by completing and competing in two new dives that she learned last week. We are so proud of you, Jaya!

Februar 14, 2022


This particular athlete has been a great asset to the team. She works hard to improve her skills and is always someone who can be counted on to help out her fellow teammates. She’s always willing to step up to put away loose gear, help a teammate with cleanup, or assist in checking tacking up. She is a skilled rider and doesn’t shy away from a challenging ride. She is always positive and spends all her free time at the barn even if she’s not riding. She puts in the extra time to be an active team member. This week’s athlete of the week is Cara B.!

JV BasketballThis athlete has been a consistent and hard-working member of the JV basketball team. She is often one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave practices, even coming in on the weekends to practice shooting and ball-handling skills. In our most recent and most competitive game so far this season against Rectory, she was integral in shutting down Rectory’s quickest and most dangerous 2 players by playing tight man-to-man defense. Her speed is an asset to our team, and she regularly exemplifies the aggressiveness and confidence to drive the lane. Congratulations, Nina C.!

February 28th 2022

Ski Team

In one week, February 7-11, as a new first year ski racer, this student-athlete participated in two very different ski races.

This skier was asked, with little notice, to compete in the Berkshire Ski League Varsity Giant Slalom Championship Race to avoid the team from possible penalization for not having enough racers. She happily accepted the invitation and completed the two top to bottom runs on a very challenging course.

Two days later, she competed in the BSL JV Slalom Race at Ski Sundown placing 1st for all JV girls and 13th overall!

Congratulations Sarah A.


This athlete of the week accomplished the following this weekend at Founders League Championships.

1st 500 Free

2nd 200 IM

3rd 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay

Congratulations Callie G.!

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