WWSDD place setting

Connect to the Ancient Network at Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner

Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner 2024 will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2024. Learn more here.

Danielle Benjamin

For Danielle Benjamin ’00, the allure of Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner (WWSDD) lies in connecting with fellow Ancients, “It’s about meeting other Ancients, connecting about school days, and just enjoying the company of like minds.”

Elizabeth M

Elizabeth Millian ’93, P’27, reflecting on the hallmark MPS tradition of sit-down dinners, sees the event as something to look forward to amid the hustle of professional and personal life. She recalls seeing the notice for this year’s sit-down dinner and thinking, “no matter how busy things were at work and at home, this was an event to prioritize as a special treat for myself.”

Danielle and Elizabeth, graduating seven years apart from one another, did not overlap through their years at Miss Porter’s School, but a 2023 Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner in Miami brought them together and sparked an unexpected friendship. Elizabeth, a parent of a new girl, practices civil litigation and manages a boutique law firm, while Danielle works as an insurance defense attorney. 

This alignment in professional interests led to a friendship built on shared goals and interests rather than potential legal adversities. Elizabeth put it this way: “Danielle is also an attorney whose practice overlaps with mine. We sat across each other at the dinner table, in a friendly environment, when professionally, our first interaction could easily have been in an adversarial context.”

Elizabeth Millian '93, P'27 and Danielle Benjamin '00 holding a Farmington felt banner together.
Elizabeth Millian ’93, P’27 (left) and Danielle Benjamin ’00 (right)

Meeting through WWSDD created a shared tapestry of MPS experiences, weaving stories of adventure, personal growth, and the mysteries of teenage life. Recollections of MPS memories pepper their conversation, with discussions likely revolving around traditions like sit-down dinners, senior pranks, town trips, and even a few ghost stories. Amid laughter, Danielle shares, “We spoke about sit-down dinner at MPS, traditions like senior prank, the experience of being at MPS, trips into town, parties and the boys’ schools, and the buildings on campus that we all spent time in.”

Danielle and Elizabeth underscore the powerful and engaging nature of the Ancient network, and their advice for other Ancients is clear: Attend alumnae events like WWSDD. These gatherings provide an opportunity to connect with Ancients from diverse backgrounds and graduation years, fostering adult friendships through shared experiences. These connections, spanning various professions and backgrounds, exemplify the strength and willingness of the MPS community to come together. In their shared sentiment, “That it is powerful and willing to be engaged.”

Both Elizabeth and Danielle encourage Ancients to shape a changing world and stay connected with each other. As the broader Ancient community continues to thrive, the bonds forged at events like WWSDD serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of Miss Porter’s School. Elizabeth says, “Every time I attend an MPS event, whether as a current parent or as an Ancient, I meet the most interesting women, and the conversations we have are a delight.”