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Get to Know Miss Porter’s Director of Gift Planning

Get to know Miss Porter’s Susan Walker P’06 | Director of Gift Planning

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As a staff member at an independent school, Susan plays a significant role in supporting our community and building a solid and collaborative relationship with faculty, staff, and families.

Citrus Run 2023
Citrus Run 2023

Here are three questions to get to know her better:

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work, and how do you spend your free time?

My husband and I like to say, “Health doesn’t take a holiday,” so I like to run, walk my dogs, and play racquet sports. I also enjoy reading, gardening, family camping, and singing. I volunteer for a garden club and am working on planning garden tours for 550 women expected in Hartford for a GCA meeting this April. 

How long have you worked at Porter’s, and in which roles?

Talk about an Old Girl! This is my 33rd year at Porter’s. I was the Alumnae Director for 20 years and have been in my current position since then. I am also a proud parent as my daughter, Ashley, graduated in 2006. And here’s a fun fact: The Alumnae Board made me an Honorary Ancient of that class!

How do you recommend someone get started thinking about estate planning?

This is a relatively simple question. Make sure you have a will (only 27% of 25 to 54-year-olds have one). Any time is the right time to plan for the future! Make sure you designate your retirement plan(s) and have health care directives. If you don’t make these decisions, you could burden your family or friends with this job, and the government will be sure to step in. 

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This is also the time to think about Charitable gifts. For example, retirement plans are highly taxed if they go to a child but tax-free if designated to charity. Other popular ways to give include charitable gift annuities (receive payment for life), charitable remainder trusts (can provide immediate tax benefits and stream of income), and gifts of real estate or other assets. Gift planning can help you achieve charitable giving goals while benefiting from potential tax advantages. To get started with creating a gift plan, it is recommended that donors consult with a qualified estate planning attorney or financial advisor. And you can contact me as well for thoughts.

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