National Letter of Intent Day

National Letter of Intent Day 2021 – 2022

Molly Andrews '22 - Soccer - Quinnipiac University Maggie Coyne '22 - Crew - Villanova Callie Gray '22 - Swimming - Fairfield University
National Letter of Intent Day 2021 – 2022

Congratulations to the Miss Porter’s Division 1 Athletes who signed their National Letter of Intent on November 10, 2021! Molly Andrews ’22 – Soccer – Quinnipiac University I Maggie Coyne ’22 – Crew – Villanova I Callie Gray ’22 – Swimming – Fairfield University

On top of being high-level performers, they are 3 of the most caring, hardworking, and genuine people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I would describe these three individuals as the top 2%. The type of people that take a knock and work even harder, individuals that when they find something too easy, they strive to be challenged and inevitably improve. No one who has reached the elite group has done so without copious practice, and nobody who constantly works their socks off has failed to excel. Purposeful practice is something Molly, Maggie, and Callie factor, which distinguishes the best from the rest. And in my opinion, that’s ‘the 2%’. – Said Miss Porter’s Director of Athletics, Avi Dubnov.

Molly Andrews ’22

“She is an all-around central midfielder. It is not surprising that Molly had three different DI offers, yes, she is a fantastic soccer player, but trust me when I say this. Every coach should want a Molly Andrews on their team.  Coaches talk about players they developed, they use that word when it should be ‘influenced’. Only the player in question can talk about how much someone has influenced their journey, well I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that Molly has positively influenced anyone she spends time with. She’s infectious.” – said Miss Porter’s Director of Athletics, Avi Dubnov.

Maggie Coyne ’22

“There is so much more to rowing than just winning races. And while rowing is the ultimate team sport, it can also be very individual at the same time. The countless hours and miles Maggie has put on the erg, road and in the weight room have not gone unnoticed. Her unparalleled work ethic has helped her to achieve personal goals, that she has set for herself and I commend her for her unwavering perseverance especially when COVID-19 made rowing on the water next to impossible. Maggie may have lost three seasons of racing but she didn’t lose her passion and love of the sport. Maggie’s presence both on and off the water will be greatly missed when she graduates next spring, especially by me who will miss a training partner who actually likes to do hour ergs for fun and who enjoys talking about rowing as much as I do!” – said Interim Asst. to the Athletic Director and Crew Coach, Vanessa Moors.