Katherine G. Windsor, Ed.D. Head of School


In the face of a global pandemic, a much anticipated U.S. Presidential election, escalating racial tension, staggering inequality, inflammatory and divisive rhetoric, and violence around the globe, it is more important than ever that we focus in on one particular element of our mission – educating young women to become informed.  

With the incessant bombardment of information through social media and countless online sources, concerns about the veracity of the news, and the purposeful manipulation of citizens by those seeking wealth and power, the duty to be properly informed has never been greater.

If we are to “shape a changing world” in ways that are both impactful and ethical, if we are to make good on our Community Call to Action to “enact change, both within and beyond our time in Farmington,” then we must seek out and determine what is real and what is true and listen to the voices and stories that are so often ignored and left on the margins. We must stay informed

It could be easy to hear the agenda I have just outlined for our community and feel overwhelmed or maybe even scared. I know already that on some days we will make great progress and feel triumphant and that on others, we will stumble and need to pause in order to process a painful situation and reset.  

This is what it looks like to grow and learn together and I ask you to join me with both persistence and patience. I also know that we will be working together under the weight of the paradox of time, for some, the work is long overdue and for others, it is a new awakening. We must take the time necessary to do the work,  but also not take our time, there never seems to be enough time and yet, now is the time.

The challenge before us is how we will each decide to spend our time this year.  

We all have the same hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in the year.  

Use your time wisely girls.

I close with one final view, that of gratitude.  

I am grateful to have the privilege of living and raising my family on this beautiful campus originally inhabited by the Tunxis indigenous tribe and to gather intentionally with a group of educators and students who by choice live and learn together, guided by a mission statement that has for generations demanded change.

I look forward to leading for you, I look forward to learning from you and I look forward to laughing with you. 

Be safe and be well!

Katherine G. Windsor, Ed.D.
Head of School
Katherine G. Windsor, Ed.D. Head of School