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Winter 2022-23 Athletes of the Week

December 22, 2022


She has worked incredibly hard the last 4 years, always eager to learn new dives, and looking for ways she can always improve. She puts everything into every dive she does. She hit all 6 of her dives during competition after having a less than stellar warm up. I could tell she was nervous because of it going into competition but put that aside and did all of her dives exactly how she needed to, to win and beat the school record. Congratulations Jaya Magavi!

JV Basketball

Showcasing both coach-ability and a determination to improve, the player implemented feedback from practice into her performance during our game against Kent. With strong protection of the ball and by controlling the defense, she drove the lane to create space to shoot. In her greatest moment against Kent, she recovered defensively to block a shot from her own turnover against her defender, got the rebound, helped her team move the ball back up the court, where again the ball turned over, so she stole it back, drove the lane and made a two-point play. As effective on offense as she was on defense during that 2-3 minute stretch, Evelyn brought the heart and hustle of an entire squad. Congratulations Evelyn Sanchez on being this week’s athlete of the week.

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Evelyn Sanchez, JV Basketball

December 5, 2022

JV Squash

This player’s win was vital in propelling the JV squash team to a 4-3 victory over Pomfret on Saturday. Despite dropping the first game, she remained cool, calm, and collected, battling back to win her match 3-2. On the court, this player controlled the pace of play and kept her opponent guessing with well-placed shots. She is also a supportive teammate, offering feedback and encouragement. This week’s athlete of the week is Tenzin Tara!

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Tenzin Tara, JV Squash