Avi Dubnov is the recipient of the M.D. Nadal Sportsmanship Award

Congratulations to Miss Porter’s Director of Athletics, Avi Dubnov on being the recipient of the M.D. Nadal Sportsmanship Award.

It is awarded on an annual basis, as warranted, to students, faculty, staff, teams, and student bodies, who “play by the rules, accept victory or defeat graciously, respect all who assemble and participate.” It may be awarded in recognition of sportsmanship during a particular contest, throughout a season, or continued contributions to athletics and the League. The M.D. Nadal Sportsmanship Award was established in 1969 to honor Manuel D. “Bill” Nadal, an outstanding athlete, coach, and steadfast supporter of athletics at Kent School. The Nadal Award was originally given to a member of the Erickson Football League, but eligibility was expanded to other sports after the establishment of the Founders League.

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