Girls Win Here

Celebrating October’s Athletes of the Week

Girls Win Here
Girls Win Here

October 4th 2021

Field Hockey

This player is a team captain and solid leader on the field hockey field. Her defensive stops have helped Porter’s to stay afloat in many challenging contests this season, but her impressive talent was on full display in this last week’s match. In Saturday’s match against Greens Farms Academy, she worked hard to direct the defense in front of her with positive reinforcement throughout the game and she ended the game with an amazing 37 saves! Congrats to Nia C. ’22


This person deserves kudos for her invaluable role as a leader and role model to her peers, especially the new girls who recently joined the team. With her usual upbeat disposition, she approaches practice sessions and skill building with passion and a growth mindset and arrives prepared to take on the responsibilities that her position as team captain entails. Not only is she a stellar player on the court, she is also a cheerleader and an asset to the team. Kindness, patience, humor, and vision are just some of the attributes that describe Joy as the team’s captain. It is my pleasure to congratulate Joy Y. ’22 for her unswerving dedication to her team’s continued skill development.

IMG 6405
Joy and Nia


This athlete is an exceptional team player! She goes above and beyond each practice working hard to learn new riding techniques, help out her fellow riders tackup, untack, groom, and clean tack. She is a talented rider and a new member of the team this year. The equestrian program is unique in the sense that we practice all three seasons – fall, winter, and spring, and I’m very excited to see this athlete progress. She has yet to be on a horse she doesn’t like nor one she can’t handle. Her dedication to the program is clear and I look forward to seeing her progress as a rider, as she is always happy to be at the barn even at our 6:00 a.m. practice on Friday mornings.  Congratulations to Elsa P. ’25! 

Cross Country

Even though this is her first official season as cross country captain, she has been leading the team since she started on the team three years ago as a 9th grader. She is constantly pushing the team to their best limits— either encouraging them to run an extra hill (or two), or going after a new PR. This weekend she led the team to a huge victory at the Gordy Glover Invitational where she placed 3rd overall with a time of 21:06. We are so lucky to have her on our team! Congratulations to Teagan Q. ’22!

IMG 7173 Original
Elsa and Teagan

October 18th 2021


This player is one of the most selfless and caring players I have ever coached. This leader is consistent, hard working and puts her teammates first. Her mindset is to always put the team first and this is why she is such a fantastic leader and great human off of the field. This student athlete is always composed and has the ability to perform in a number of positions. This athlete of the week has the grit to win any challenge and the vision to start our attacks, she is one of the main reasons that allows the varsity soccer team to be one of the few to build out of the back rather than hitting the ball long. This athlete of the week may be an unsung hero to many, but to those that play with her each day we know that she is one of the best to put on a Miss Porter’s jersey. Congratulations, Taylor H. ’22.


This athlete of the week goes to a team captain that doesn’t hesitate to step in and help out others. They’re fast on the water and a leader on land; getting boats rigged, launches out, and line-ups together. When problems arise, she has been a thoughtful advocate and always prioritizes the best interest of the team. Congratulations Elizabeth S. ’22.

IMG 7476 Original
Taylor and Elizabeth

October 25th 2021

Field Hockey

This player is a highly effective and thoughtful team leader who shows care and love to her team each day. She is a strong communicator on the defensive end of the field and is always positive and encouraging to her teammates.  She works hard every day and has shown a solid commitment to growing her skills since she started playing this sport in her freshman year. Her play on the field is consistently strong and she gives 100% to everything she does – we are lucky to have her as part of our team. Congratulations to Lily J. ’22!

Varsity Volleyball

This athlete is the heart and soul of her team. Whether it is cheering on her teammates or diving to the floor (over and over and over again), her actions inspire all around her. Her love of the game is obvious, as she gives maximum effort on every play, making incredible digs and chasing down every stray ball. She is a true leader on our team, uplifting and supporting her teammates every day. Congratulations to Jen L. ’24!

IMG 8140
Lily and Jen

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