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Congratulations to Gaylynn Burroughs ’95 Recipient of the Daisy Pin!

The Daisy Pin is the highest award bestowed by Miss Porter’s School. Recipients are those who have rendered significant service to the School. Since 1963, when the first Daisy Pin was given to Roseanne Porter Keep, it has only been presented when warranted.

daisy pin

This year’s recipient is outstanding in every meaning of the word.

Our honoree has also been close to the school in ways that are not recorded purely through her service record. She has been a trusted advisor and a partner in endless ways, including holding our school accountable for our missteps.

While this revered pin is awarded for service to Miss Porter’s School, our recipient is an active advocate for women and women’s rights, using her professional background to work for justice and equality for all women.

A dedicated and passionate leader for the school, she has shown her deep commitment to Farmington as a trustee, serving for nine years; a Class Representative for well over a decade and served on the committees for her 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th Reunions, chairing two of those; served on the school’s reaccreditation committee and is a Sarah Porter Society member.  She has also led the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of trustees. And she came to MPS at the age of 12!

It is fitting that this evening she will receive the pin previously awarded to and cared for by the late Caroline Morgan Macomber from the Class of 1950. Caroline, like our awardee, served on our Board of Trustees and hailed from Washington. Caroline’s daughter is an Ancient and her husband’s family had a long legacy at Farmington.

It is a privilege to present this award to a most deserving volunteer and Farmington champion, Gaylynn Burroughs, Class of 1995.

Miss Porter's School Daisy Pin recipient Gaylynn Burroughs, Class of 1995.
Miss Porter’s School Daisy Pin recipient Gaylynn Burroughs, Class of 1995.

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