Katrina Council Award

Katrina Council – 2022 Sarah Porter Award for Excellence in Teaching

Katrina Council Award
Katrina Council Award

The Sarah Porter Award for Excellence in Teaching Award has been conferred each year since 2005 to a faculty member and is chosen by the students. 

Past award winners have included Dr. Elena Castro Diaz, Sarah Quinn, and Dr. Elizabeth Simison.

In May, students are asked to nominate an outstanding educator who demonstrates the following qualities:

  1. The teacher has a thorough knowledge appropriate for their teaching assignment and stays abreast of recent developments in the field.
  1. The teacher uses a variety of teaching techniques suitable to the age and needs of the students and the subject matter being taught.
  1. The teacher establishes positive relationships with students, which, while recognizing the differing roles of adult and child, are characterized by mutual respect and goodwill.
  1. The teacher models integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, respect for all persons, and an appreciation for racial, cultural, and gender diversity.

Here are some of the comments students shared about this year’s winner:  

This teacher is one of the most positive teachers that I have ever had. 

This teacher provided a warm environment in their class and taught in an engaging way. 

I nominated this teacher because this teacher is super kind, makes class fun, and is always there to make  students laugh and support advisees.

Even when discussing very heavy historical events, she maintains the perfect balance of upbeat and serious. She is always sensitive to the needs of students and teaches creatively. 

I have never liked learning about history, but in her classroom it is different. She is always switching things up, whether it’s individual working, groups, projects, presentations, or papers. Her teaching style has also pushed me to not only love this course but also this subject.

In class, she was honest about the racist foundation that our country was built on while opening up our class to discussions about current policies and how we, as students, can be better for our future. 

She also did an amazing job at sharing information about underrepresented people who continue to be unheard in the midst of racial, religious, and gender oppression. 

I am proud to present this award today to a passionate educator who has made her purpose, her North star, the students.  

On behalf of the students at Miss Porter’s School, I am pleased to present the 2022 Sarah Porter Excellence in Teaching Award to Katrina Council.


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