Reunion Committee volunteers for the All School Reunion 2022

Reunion Leadership

Looking for more information regarding your reunion this fall? Find the point of contact for your reunion class below! We are still in search of reunion volunteers for many classes. Learn more about becoming a reunion volunteer!

Class YearReunion YearPoint(s) of Contact
194775thKaitlin Faticoni, MPS Alumnae Office
195270thCicely Upham, MPS Alumnae Office
195765thCicely Upham, MPS Alumnae Office
196260thKaitlin Faticoni, MPS Alumnae Office
196755thSandy Mueller Dick
Margaret Creighton
197250thLibby St. John Abelt
Shawnee Cramer Baldwin
Jane Murphy Sargent Barton
Diane de Mailly
Hadley Jones Ferguson
Pippa Groves Gerard
Martha Vietor Glass
Betsy Miller Halaby
Leslie Hyde
Betsy Jesup
Joan Devine Morosani
Becky Faunce McDermott
Beth Pook
Rosemary Ripley
Ginny Robinson
Mary Willis Thompson
197745thMartha Pomerantz
198240thChristine Pina, MPS Alumnae Office
198735thCristina Dieguez-Kuo, MPS Alumnae Office
199230thAlexandra Muchura-Mensah, MPS Alumnae Office
199725thCristina Dieguez-Kuo, MPS Alumnae Office
200220thAshley Kirouac
Claire Lovell
Vanessa Viruet
200715thKaitlin Faticoni, MPS Alumnae Office
201210thTanisha Holmes, MPS Alumnae Office
20175thShiang Sobieski, MPS Alumnae Office