Emily Bryk

Teaching Chair Award: Emily Bryk

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Emily Bryk

The Warren S. Hance Teaching Chair was established during The Farmington 80’s Fund in honor of Mr. Hance, Headmaster of Miss Porter’s School from 1975 to 1983. This chair is awarded based on distinguished teaching, of demonstrated excellence over time in the classroom, and leadership within an academic discipline.

The recipient of the Warren Hance Chair is a teacher who is lauded for her exceptional instruction and the care she shows for her students. In the words of one of her students, this teacher “knew all of her material well and more importantly she loved her class. While I was struggling she was my biggest supporter, and even months after taking her class she still acts like she’s my #1 fan. She is my all time favorite teacher.”

This year’s recipient isn’t just a leader in one discipline, as her expertise transcends academic boundaries. She also teaches Capstone, and is qualified to teach English because she reads more than anyone on the faculty. She’s such a fount of knowledge that she even once appeared on Jeopardy. She may be a trivia master, but there is nothing trivial about the way in which she shapes the lives of her students each and every day.
The recipient of the Warren S. Hance Teaching Chair award is Emily Bryk.

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